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The Wine Dark Sea

So I guess I’m a little behind the mark in posting these, seeing how the SF Olympians Festival 2015 – The Wine Dark Sea, is already under way.  The festival runs from 11/4/2015 – 11/21/2015, so you haven’t missed it. In fact, go ahead and check it out if your in the San Francisco area.  […]


You have seen the intaglio prints created for this year’s SF Olympians, but unless you’ve been down the EXIT theater in San Francisco, or to the SF Olympians’ website, you haven’t seen the larger drawings I created with the same subject.  Until now.  These are all 22″ by 15″.  Enjoy!


Good evening.  It’s almost Halloween, so I have one more mythological monster for you: the Sirens.  This was also designed for the SF Olympians project you will have heard so much about.  The Ball will be starting soon…. In fact, if you want to see the hand-colored prints and  some poster-sized drawings of Harpies, Graeae […]


It’s been a busy few weeks, what with the Alternative Press Expo and a marathon of coloring for Princeless.  Happily, I am not working under the weight of such obligations this week. so I can post some Greek monsters here and get some real work done on this month’s edition.  The October edition will be […]


I spent part of today hanging art up in my house.  It’s so nice, not having bare walls anymore.  I figure I may as well share the feeling, so here is the hand colored version of my new harpy print, “A Beauty To Behold (The Monster Ball)”.  Next up should be the large drawing… This […]


SF Olympians!  It’s coming again this Fall, and I have a suite of work to celebrate.  First up, we have the Harpies.  There are a lot of different ways these creatures have been portrayed through the ages, from thieves, to torturers, to just about the most terrifying thing you ever saw in a movie about […]


Hello there! There’s a new print in town. Make it feel welcome, please. In other news, my occasional classics reading project has brought me ’round to Sherlock Holmes. I find the Adventures and Memoirs much more enjoyable than I anticipated. The mysteries themselves aren’t always anything special, but I find myself really taken with the […]


Furies.  Created in response to the SF Olympians project.  


This year will be the fourth year of the annual SF Olympians Festival.  This will by my fourth year making a poster for the festival.  This year’s festival will be based on The Iliad, which is pretty exciting.  The Iliad is a pretty amazing piece of writing and you should take a look at it, […]