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In January I was more ambitious than usual in terms of the number of prints I wanted to make.  Here is a suite of four, all from January of this year.  They are available over at my etsy shop.  As with all of the prints on this site, if you want one and it isn’t […]

More Prints – Scales and Feathers

Here are a couple more recent prints.  Both are available now at my Etsy shop.  These are from this year, so we’re getting closer to caught up on recent editions.  Monthly editions are still rolling out. This first one was inspired by the song, The Jealous Crow by Chris Stuart and Janet Beazley. This second […]


It appears I have a little catching up to do, when it comes to sharing my prints. Times have been busy, what with picking up an extra class to teach, keeping up my work on new issues of Princeless, and working on a new children’s book.  (More on the children’s book soon. Trolls!)  Through everything, […]


I’ve been trying to catch up on Lumberjanes trades recently.  Apparently there are a couple more volumes I need to pick up, but it’s such a fun book.  The characters are great.  The art is bright and fun.  The magic is thoughtful and engaging.  There is a certain brand of fiction that combines mystery, whimsy, […]


It’s been a busy few weeks, what with the Alternative Press Expo and a marathon of coloring for Princeless.  Happily, I am not working under the weight of such obligations this week. so I can post some Greek monsters here and get some real work done on this month’s edition.  The October edition will be […]


A good May to you all.  There’s a new print up in the gallery and for sale at my Etsy shop, so check it out.  I have a couple more prints pretty much ready to go as well, so keep an eye out for them in coming weeks. Speaking of coming weeks, I will have […]