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A New Year

This year promises to be a busy one.  I will be working on a number of projects, including my usual monthly editions, colors and letters for Princeless, finally finishing the first issue of Opener, and a lot of teaching.  This is probably the year when I get that new press, too.  It’s going to be […]


In January I was more ambitious than usual in terms of the number of prints I wanted to make.  Here is a suite of four, all from January of this year.  They are available over at my etsy shop.  As with all of the prints on this site, if you want one and it isn’t […]

Until There’s Nothing Left

Here’s a new print, inspired by “Cloak of Feathers” by The Sword.  Thanks to Will for introducing me to this one. Limited edition prints available over at the Etsy.

The Wine Dark Sea

So I guess I’m a little behind the mark in posting these, seeing how the SF Olympians Festival 2015 – The Wine Dark Sea, is already under way.  The festival runs from 11/4/2015 – 11/21/2015, so you haven’t missed it. In fact, go ahead and check it out if your in the San Francisco area.  […]


It’s November!  It’s time for a new print! See below! It’s also time to reorganize the gallery a little bit. As awesome as it is to have a massive and solid block of thumbnails to choose from, I find it a little disorienting. The drawings and prints in the gallery have now been separated. I […]