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What I Know

Here’s a new print from earlier this year.  Available, as usual, at my Etsy.


I just finished reading The Pentagon’s Brain by Annie Jacobsen.  It’s an interesting read, if unsettling.  I wonder how many science fiction authors have been fulfilled and how many have been deeply shaken by seeing their thought experiments realized by DARPA and other agencies. It’s important to think about where we have been, and where […]

Still Printing

My schedule has been rather busy what with teaching, coloring and lettering Princeless, working the office job, and more teaching, but the prints have been coming regularly.  Here’s one now: Want one of your own?  Prints are available at my Etsy site. Until next time!

So Close

Here’s a new print. Well, it’s from a couple of months ago, is it’s not something I just did today.  It’s still pretty new. In any case, it’s new for all of you. There’s some other new stuff around here, and you’ll get to see it eventually, so stick around. This print is available at […]

Hear My Call

The Santa Rosa Toy Con was enjoyable.  It was great to see all of you who made it out to the show.  We’ll try and do it again next year. I have been reading some of the short fiction of Clark Ashton Smith.  I’m sort of a sucker for early 20th century imaginative fiction inspired […]


Not dead yet!  Nothing to worry about.  I’m still make prints and drawings and all the rest.  I’m also teaching a lot more and still working the office job.  Good for me! I will say teaching is one of the most satisfying activities I have had the pleasure of being paid to do.  I’m honestly […]


I spent part of today hanging art up in my house.  It’s so nice, not having bare walls anymore.  I figure I may as well share the feeling, so here is the hand colored version of my new harpy print, “A Beauty To Behold (The Monster Ball)”.  Next up should be the large drawing… This […]


Hello there! There’s a new print in town. Make it feel welcome, please. In other news, my occasional classics reading project has brought me ’round to Sherlock Holmes. I find the Adventures and Memoirs much more enjoyable than I anticipated. The mysteries themselves aren’t always anything special, but I find myself really taken with the […]


Here’s a new print. Enjoy!