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A New Year

This year promises to be a busy one.  I will be working on a number of projects, including my usual monthly editions, colors and letters for Princeless, finally finishing the first issue of Opener, and a lot of teaching.  This is probably the year when I get that new press, too.  It’s going to be […]

A New Etching

The school year is starting up.  New Princeless books will be coming out this Winter.  I editioned a new etching this morning.  So many good things.  Here’s a look at last month’s print:

What I Know

Here’s a new print from earlier this year.  Available, as usual, at my Etsy.


It appears I have a little catching up to do, when it comes to sharing my prints. Times have been busy, what with picking up an extra class to teach, keeping up my work on new issues of Princeless, and working on a new children’s book.  (More on the children’s book soon. Trolls!)  Through everything, […]

Hear My Call

The Santa Rosa Toy Con was enjoyable.  It was great to see all of you who made it out to the show.  We’ll try and do it again next year. I have been reading some of the short fiction of Clark Ashton Smith.  I’m sort of a sucker for early 20th century imaginative fiction inspired […]

Brave Story

I just finished reading Brave Story, by Miyuki Miyabe.  The story has a pretty standard set up, with a young boy going through a tough time in his life, then getting transported to a magical world full of adventure and life lessons.  I think we’ve mostly heard this sort story before, and it’s a story […]

Let’s Just See What Haunts It

I’ve been learning some new comic lettering techniques lately.  With properly planned page layouts, lettering is relatively simple and reasonably fun.  I can’t say much for panels lacking the room to fit all of the required dialogue, but then if it were all easy, what would be the fun of it? Here’s a new print:


Hello there! There’s a new print in town. Make it feel welcome, please. In other news, my occasional classics reading project has brought me ’round to Sherlock Holmes. I find the Adventures and Memoirs much more enjoyable than I anticipated. The mysteries themselves aren’t always anything special, but I find myself really taken with the […]


Here’s a new print. Enjoy!