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Inktober – Week One

After running convention tables nearly every weekend in September, the idea of staying and resting a bit this October sounds wonderful.  Of course, October is also the month of Inktober, a drawing challenge I have enjoyed the past two years.  I suppose getting into the studio extra early to finish new ink drawings each day […]


Here’s one I made in the run-up to Christmas.  I was considering original drawings for gifts, but this one didn’t really fit the holiday season.  


One of the few nice things about delays in site updates is I have a stack of newer work to share.  I suppose it’s just as well since I just started a new book project that won’t be ready for image sharing for a while.  In any case, here’s a piece from December.

Mistress of Mistresses

It finally happened.  The office job is gone.  It’s all art and teaching now.  It only took about 7 years, but I finally managed to complete my number 1 new year’s resolution.  I will have to figure out a new goal. Actually, I’ve already thought of a few.  A new press.  New publications.  More drawings, […]

Standing Still

The past is gone. The future is coming.  Everything is motion, change, instability.  What does it mean to stand still?  


You have seen the intaglio prints created for this year’s SF Olympians, but unless you’ve been down the EXIT theater in San Francisco, or to the SF Olympians’ website, you haven’t seen the larger drawings I created with the same subject.  Until now.  These are all 22″ by 15″.  Enjoy!


And then a month passed…. What can I say?  I’ve been busy.  I think it’s time to share some of what I have been busy with.  It hasn’t all been office work, thankfully.  I will be updating slightly more often in the coming weeks and months, and we will be starting off with some drawings […]