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More Prints – Scales and Feathers

Here are a couple more recent prints.  Both are available now at my Etsy shop.  These are from this year, so we’re getting closer to caught up on recent editions.  Monthly editions are still rolling out. This first one was inspired by the song, The Jealous Crow by Chris Stuart and Janet Beazley. This second […]


I managed to lose my office job a few months ago, replacing it with more teaching.  Teaching part time doesn’t take as much time as the office job did, so now I have more time to devote to art as a job.  This means more time to plan and execute projects (I have a pretty […]

Mistress of Mistresses

It finally happened.  The office job is gone.  It’s all art and teaching now.  It only took about 7 years, but I finally managed to complete my number 1 new year’s resolution.  I will have to figure out a new goal. Actually, I’ve already thought of a few.  A new press.  New publications.  More drawings, […]