I just finished reading The Pentagon’s Brain by Annie Jacobsen.  It’s an interesting read, if unsettling.  I wonder how many science fiction authors have been fulfilled and how many have been deeply shaken by seeing their thought experiments realized by DARPA and other agencies.

It’s important to think about where we have been, and where we are going.  Speculation on where new technologies will take us is similarly fascinating.  There is so much potential for good, and for evil.  The history of the development of the technologies of war is fascinating.  The pursuit of new weapons and new defenses makes a great deal of sense in many ways.  A greater understanding of new technologies and how they can be used to disrupt, control, or kill may prove invaluable in protecting people.  I can’t help but wish more of the effort was intended to improve life rather than to gain an advantage in war and conflict.

Do the benefits of better prosthetics, communications, exo-skeletal enhancement, smarter computer assistance, etc. outweigh the fact the purpose behind funding these projects is so often motivated by military concerns?  So much of what we receive as civilians seems to be almost unintended consequences.  Would our world benefit more if the focus was on improving lives rather than defending nations?

Ultimately, I wish there was more reason to have faith in the people who will ultimately decide whether to implement new technologies.

In any case, here’s a banshee.  Uncolored intaglio prints will be available at some point.

We Saw Her Standing There

We Saw Her Standing There