This week I have a new print for sale over in the gallery, so you should go ahead and check that out.

I also want to encourage you to take a look at Sergey Hrapov’s prints.  His prints are some truly fine examples of etching technique and imagination.  I have a small collection of prints, mostly acquired through gifts and trades with my peers at university and the odd print exchange.  One of the only prints I have ever purchased is a print an ex libris print of Perseus and Andromeda by Hrapov.

Hrapov is heavily involved with ex libris printing.    Ex libris prints are custom made book plates to designate ownership of books, the idea being to have a personalized piece of art for your book plates.  Having to fit them into books means the prints themselves are generally quite small, but ex libris printing still produces some of the most wildly imaginative, surreal and detail oriented prints I have ever seen.

As visual and text based media migrates more and more to digital presentations, I have to wonder what the digital equivalent of ex libris printing will be?  It doesn’t make much sense to paste a piece of paper over the screen of your e-book reader.  Custom digital images for wallpapers or icons are subject to fast and easy proliferation, which certainly takes some pleasure out of a thing valued for being exclusive.  I suppose custom decorative cases for devices would be one possibility.

If, as I have heard predicted from several sources, books survive the digital revolution as sort of luxury items, the ex libris should be safe enough.  After all, if you want to show off your library, there’s a chance you’ll want to have custom book plates for your library too.

I guess this means we can look forward to more work ex libris from Sergey Hrapov in the future.

I also look forward to sharing more of my work with you here.  Here is the new print:


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